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Through my signature Elevate & Illuminate Experience, consisting of brand strategy, brand design, website design and copy, I help soul-led female coaches, consultants and service-providers with an authentic & elegant online presence that allows them to run a more profitable business – with less effort.

YOUR one-stop-shop for MAGNETIC BrandING + websites that sell

Bring more ease, money & impact to your business

Well, guess what? I got you!

You are on a mission to make a difference. To improve the lives of your clients (in however small or big way) by sharing your gifts and doing what you love. And you want to create a consistent, reliable income for yourself so you can live the life of your dreams. All while actually enjoying running your business, as opposed to letting it run you.

Imagine how it would feel like to...

…have a CAPTIVATING ONLINE PRESENCE that draws in the dreamiest of clients?

…charge PREMIUM RATES for your services?

...BECOME CONSISTENTLY BOOKED OUT   with  your ideal clients?

...hit your INCOME GOALS every single month?

…have BIGGER IMPACT and serve more people?

…stop the hustle and RUN YOUR BUSINESS WITH MORE EASE?

…have the time and headspace to FOCUS ON THINGS THAT MATTER (in business or otherwise)?

However, in my experience, a lot of small business owners skip (or DIY) the former and jump straight into the latter.

But here’s the thing.

You can be marketing all day long but if you don’t have a handle on your brand first, it’s like building a house without a foundation. Instead of consistently booking clients, your efforts will feel more like throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing if it sticks.

So I’m here to assist  you with the former.

I’m here to help you establish a solid foundation for your business that makes your online presence a MAGNET for premium clients, your marketing captivating… and actually leads to sales.

We both know that starting and running a business is already hard as it is. Which is why I’m here, offering my support to nail your brand and your website, so that together, we can elevate and illuminate your brilliance in all its glory – and have you generously compensated for your work.

Start attracting the dreamiest of clients who happily pay your premium rates because they clearly see the value you are bringing to the table... and are a complete match to working specifically with YOU!

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Your time is now, my friend. Let’s make you SPARKLE!

The secret sauce to all of the above is one part magnetic branding and one part persuasive marketing.

I'm a devoted opponent of hustling and working ourselves to the ground. Let's work SMARTER, not harder, shall we? And since you are here, you probably already know how valuable it is to have a magnetic brand and a high-converting website to help transform your business vision into reality, attract the dreamiest of clients and simply make more sales.

Now you just need someone with the skills and expertise to take this side of your business off your plate, so that you can focus your time and energy on the things you are good at. Well the good news is – me and my magic wand are at the ready!

Through my signature Elevate & Illuminate Experience, I combine my expertise in business and marketing, strategic website design, impactful branding and compelling copy (+ plus a touch of sparkly magic, AKA my personal secret sauce ;)

By bringing all of these elements together in my service offering means you don't have to shop around and engage multiple service providers. Besides saving you a lot of time and effort, it also allows me to provide a completely HOLISTIC approach to your website, where branding, design and copy work hand-in-hand to bring your strategic goals to life.

By leveraging my background in working with global brands, insights gained from my own trials and tribulations as a small business owner and my experience designing websites for soul-led female entrepreneurs just like you, I am able to offer my clients a unique service and perspective that most other designers are not.

Hey! I'm Liis!

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it's sooooo good to meet you!

I'm a Brand Magician + Website Wizard, and the Founder of Sparkle Creative Studio. Also – a self-proclaimed small business cheerleader!

It's my mission to MAKE female entrepreneurs SHINE! To really help you showcase your MAGIC to the world in the most authentic way, so that you can run your business with more EASE and JOY

With a decade of experience in marketing, branding & design is my passion, and nothing lights me up more than seeing other women succeed with their businesses! 

Client love

Sarah Scott, Sarah Veronica coaching

From our first call and throughout the entire process, Liis brought impeccable care, attention to detail, high energy & creativity to every interaction. She is a true expert with a beautiful soul and I appreciated her coming up with ideas and suggestions for my branding and website as she just "got me" and instinctively knew the look  & feel I wanted to achieve.  Nothing's ever too much trouble for Liis, she's super responsive  & incredibly patient and will  walk you through any questions you have. I've received the most amazing feedback from my clients, I'm absolutely OBSESSED with my branding and website and cannot thank Liis enough for her dedication, ideas and pure brilliance. If you are thinking about a new website that is not only gorgeous but also converts or want stunning unique branding created, I can't recommend Liis highly enough! She's excellent to work with and a creative genius. THANK YOU LIIS!

Kirsty Ruse, KIRSTY RUSE coaching

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of my branding and website created by Liis! From the very beginning, Liis showcased an impressive understanding of my personal brand and effortlessly translated it into a visually captivating website. Not only does Liis have amazing technical skills, her attention to detail and commitment to excellence truly sets Liis apart. The website Liis designed for me exceeded all expectations, and the positive feedback I have received from my network further validates their exceptional work. Moreover, Liis communication and collaboration skills were outstanding. She took the time to truly understand my vision, actively listening to my ideas and incorporating them into the design seamlessly. Liis' ability to translate my thoughts and preferences into a visually stunning website was remarkable.

Susan Young, Triple Moon coaching

Liis is a brilliant designer and brand strategist! And she's truly sparkly! Her warm and creative energy is absolutely contagious. She has an incredible eye and was able to nail the perfect vibe - palette, fonts, graphics, layout - for me. She doesn't use templates and custom designs each to tailor to unique client needs. She's extremely clear in her communication and is highly responsive throughout the project. I would HIGHLY recommend Liis to anyone who needs branding and website help! You'll have a stunning professional site in no time!! I cannot say enough good things about Sparkle Creative Studio!! Thank you! Thank you!! 

I DEVELOP impactful, enchanting branding + CREATE beautiful, high-converting websites that turn browsers into PAID CLIENTS!


Elevate & Illuminate Experience

Done-for-you service



  • you know the best way to grow your business is to outsource the tasks you are not an expert in
  • you don't want to spend time learning all the tech and fiddling with different design tools
  • you know that  a website that actually sells your services/offers requires  the expertise of a website designer
  • you tried the DIY route but  realised it's more time consuming than expected and the result  is rather underwhelming, neither is it doing much to support your business


My signature  experience consists of brand strategy, brand identity design, website copy and website design, and can be scaled up as needed in terms of deliverables. You will get a brand and website that not just  look stunning but will increase your impact  and income. And the best bit? I only work with one client at a time, meaning your project will get  the undivided attention that it deserves. Did someone say VIP red carpet treatment? Heck yes!

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Designed to Sell

Brand + website audit

One-off 45-minute strategy session


  • you already have a brand and/or website but you feel 'meh' about them and need expert advice on how to improve what you currently have
  • you are about to create your own website but are overwhelmed by the process and need some guidance 
  • you have  a range of questions about branding, copy and/or website creation that you want answers to from a pro so that you can move forward


In this session, I will look at your business and show you how you can increase your revenue immediately through branding, copy and website design. I have helped many clients with dialling in their copy, creating an irresistible website and bring their brand to light in a way that they are truly meant to be seen. Are you wondering how improve your online presence, do you want to talk to your dream clients? Your brand is everything. And I am the magician who can help you with all 3. 

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Would you like to just get my expert advice.... or  have me do everything for you? The choice is yours.

From Clicks to Clients: Crafting an Irresistible Website that Sells

If you are in a process of creating a new  website but are overwhelmed and don't even know where to begin or what to focus on, then my masterclass is  the perfect place to start! 

Or perhaps you currently have a website that is not doing  much for your business, Then my masterclass is  for you as well!

the budget-friendly option


Get the value-packed masterclass!

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Check out the portfolio page for detailed case studies and more examples of my design work.

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The final stage of the process is to first design the website mockup and then build the website in Showit (a drag-and drop website builder that is easy to manage and edit, with zero coding skills required). The  design will focus on converting visitors into buyers through website strategy and thought-through user journeys.

website design + build

After you have  shared  all the content that you desire to have on your website (your  service offering descriptions, about you, your methodology/approach, testimonials etc.), I will  edit and structure the copy in a compelling and persuasive way,  all rooted in your brand messaging and tone of voice that we clarified in the the brand strategy stage.

website copy edit

Based on everything uncovered in the previous step, I will design an eye-catching visual identity design that feels authentic to YOU and YOUR BRAND. This includes custom logo suite, brand typography, colour palette and any additional visual identity elements as required.

Visual identity design

Through an in-depth strategy session, I will help you  uncover and gain clarity about your brand essence, what makes your business different, what is unique about it, what you want to be know for and so much more, so that we have solid brand foundations in place to build all the design and messaging upon. 

Brand STrategy 

My 4-step process for a dazzling online presence:

I can confidently say I'm not like most other website designers out there. When  we work together, we go DEEP. You get so much for than just a website -- you will get clarity on your brand,  what you are selling and to whom, you will get a brand identity that aligns with the vision you have your business and feels like you, and you will get a website  that brings all of it together and communicates your MAGIC to the world - in the most stunning, impactful way. 

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