Branding and website that perfectly capture the essence of Kirsty Ruse Coaching

Branding + Copy + website

When Kirsty reached out to me, she was about to leave her corporate job and start her coaching business, committing to it full-time.

Because design had never been her area of expertise and she had no idea where to even start, Kirsty knew from the get-go that DIY was not an option and she wanted to engage an expert to support her with  her branding and website design, so that she  could build her business on a solid  foundation.

This is how I helped  Kirsty to create an authentic brand and website that  truly reflect who she is and help her to attract her dream clients.

Kirsty's aim was to target mid-career, high-earning professionals, so my task  was to create a high-end brand that appeals to this segment. In addition, Kirsty's approach centres around holistic well-being, and  "trusted, calm and safe" were the feelings she wanted to evoke through her branding.  She was also drawn to natural elements like plants and water, so to make the brand unique and authentic, I wanted to bring these elements into her visual brand expression - in her Brand  Identity and on her website.


We discussed Kirsty's  vision, mission, ambitions and target audience, and as part of my in-depth process, she also filled out a very detailed questionnaire about herself and her business. This allowed me to gain a proper understanding of her wants and needs in terms of her business, her brand and her website  - as outlined in the section above - and start the creative ideation to bring everything to life.

Strategy Session

I started crafting a Brand Identity based on all the knowledge gained in our strategy session. 

For the logo design, I chose an elegant script font that suits to  personal brands and signals approachability and personal touch. I complemented it with a  simple  sans serif  font for the byline to create  well-balanced logo.

brand Identity design

For the colour palette, I  chose teal as the main colour. This was a colour Kirsty was drawn to   (the goal, after all, for any solopreneur is  to incorporate their personality  and vibe in the branding!) and then added multiple shades and hues of teal that would allow for more variety in any brand design.  To create a high-end, luxurious feel, a monochromatic black-and-white palette was going to dominate the brand's colour scheme, while teal would function more as an accent colour to  create a level of interest and tie it all together with the natural elements.

Finally, I picked a selection of typefaces that would further emphasise the desired high-end feel of the brand, yet still keep it  fresh and modern - an elegant serif font for headlines, and clean and simple sans font for subheadings and body copy for a contemporary look.

From an imagery point of view, I created guidelines that would mix more professional, career oriented photos with images of plants and greenery, to incorporate natural elements in the branding and also to symbolise 'growth' which  is a natural outcome of coaching. I also gave Kirsty tips for her brand shoot to make sure her images would complement her Brand Identity.


Step 1

Step 2

website COPY + design

Step 3

Before starting to design Kirsty's  website, I restructured and edited all the copy that Kirsty had submitted, to make her messaging really clear and compelling. The aim was to make it clear to any potential clients why she is  the one to work with.

Among other things, this was achieved by presenting her own  story and challenges in a way that makes her relatable  and strengthens the ‘like and trust’ factor.

I designed Kirsty’s website with her number 1 goal in mind to have visitors book a consultation call with her. In addition, I used her Brand Identity to create her business an elevated online home that would build credibility, trust and attract high-value clients to her services.

Kirsty's primary strategic goal was achieved by thought-through user journeys, structuring the content in a manner that makes it easy for the visitor to understand why Kirsty is the ultimate solution, what makes her and her approach unique, how she can help, and guiding the visitor to take the next step to achieve his/her desired outcome.

The overall aim was that her Home, About and Work with Me pages would all take the website visitor on a journey from A (identifying their ‘problem’) to B (where they could be with Kirsty’s help).

By being in charge of both website copy and design (and branding!), I was able to take a holistic approach where copy supports the design and vice versa, and all the elements together would create a beautiful but impactful website.



Work with me


In less than 4 weeks in total, Kirsty had a sparkly new Brand Identity reflecting the true essence of her brand, as well as a stunning, high-converting website that is now an invaluable tool for her to make the impact she is here to make through attracting and booking more of her dream clients!

Here’s what Kirsty had to say about her experience of working together:

Liis was recommended to me by my coach. Then when we met I felt a really great connection with Liis and knew she would deliver the results I was looking for. I think it was Liis' passion and her in-depth knowledge on branding and its importance - all-in-all Liis expertise!

Liis made the process straight-forward, guiding me through each stage and phase of brand design and website design - both of which I was not familiar with, but definitely value the importance of quality results. I love Liis passion and keeping the process fun. 

I am incredibly grateful for the expertise and dedication Liis brought to my project. Liis your professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results has made the entire process a delight. I wholeheartedly recommend your services to anyone in need of a branding and website creation that not only captures their personal brand but also exceeds expectations in terms of design and functionality. Working with Liis has been an absolute pleasure, you are an amazing, talented lady!

And this is what Kirsty loved most about working with me:

“My number one thing would be how well Liis understood and interpreted me and my brand! Amazing!"

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