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Branding + Copy + website

When Sarah reached out to me, she was super eager to start her coaching business on the side of her day job.

However, time was a major issue for Sarah. She knew the limited time she had  on the side of her day job and family  was best spent on growing her business rather than  trying to design her own branding and website. Which is why she wanted to  outsource this part of her business to someone who would "get" her vision and mission and would be able to translate it to visuals and copy that convert.

This is how I helped  Sarah to create an authentic brand and website that  truly reflect what her business is all about  and will  help her attract her dream clients.

Sarah's aim was to target ambitious and successful women with high-flying careers who felt a disconnect in their life, and help them clarify and align with their purpose, vision and dreams  so that they  can live a life filled with joy and happiness.  Wanting to position herself as a premium service-provider at the  higher end of the market,  it was important to  create branding and messaging that would speak to that type of customer segment.


We discussed Sarah's  vision, mission, ambitions and target audience, and as part of my in-depth process, she also filled out a very detailed questionnaire about herself and her business. This allowed me to gain a proper understanding of her business goals and  how  her brand and her website  would support her  in achieving those, and start the creative ideation to bring everything to life.

Based on her ideal client - a high-achieving career woman - her service offering and brand vision and goals, I knew the visual expression was going to have to lean more towards the masculine and powerful (pinks and very feminine aesthetics were not suitable for Sarah's brand and the goals was to differentiate her from all the other "typical" life coaches out there). At the same time the brand needed to convey a high-end and luxurious vibe.

As a result, I landed on art deco inspired visual expression for Sarah's brand as the perfect blend of the two. 

Strategy Session

 The choice of the main colour fell on a navy blue which signals authority, trust, reliability. I picked lighter natural tones that imitate gold and pair well with the blue as the brand's secondary colours.

 The headline font was intentionally chosen to be elegant, luxurious and art deco inspired, and complemented by a more simple and clean font to bring balance to the Visual Identity.

brand Identity design

For the logo I wanted to design something clean that wouldn't compete with the art deco aesthetics, but would also bring an element of interest to make it memorable. The way some of the letters are tied together and others are enhanced is to symbolise how coaching can help to connect different sides of ourselves and shine light on our strengths.

From an imagery point of view, I created guidelines that would mix more professional, career oriented photos with images of art deco patterns and interiors to balance and diversify the visual expression. Staircases became a central visual element to signal ascension and raising to your new, best self  as a result  of coaching


Step 1

Step 2

website COPY + design

Step 3

Before starting to design Sarah's  website, I restructured and edited all the copy that Sarah had submitted, to make her messaging really clear and compelling. The aim was to make it clear to any potential clients why she is  the one to work with.

Among other things, this was achieved by presenting her own story and challenges in a way that makes her relatable  and strengthens the ‘like and trust’ factor.

I designed Sarah’s website with her number 1 goal in mind to have visitors book a consultation call with her. In addition, I used her Brand Identity to create her business an elevated online home that would build credibility, trust and attract high-end clients to her services.

Sarah's primary strategic goal was achieved by thought-through user journeys, structuring the content in a manner that makes it easy for the visitor to understand why Sarah is the ultimate solution, what makes her and her approach unique, how she can help, and guiding the visitor to take the next step to achieve their desired outcome.

The overall aim was that Sarah's Home, About and Work with Me pages would all take the website visitor on a journey from A (identifying their ‘problem’) to B (where they could be with Sarah’s help).

By being in charge of both website copy and design (and branding!), I was able to take a holistic approach where copy supports the design and vice versa, and all the elements together would create a beautiful but impactful website.



Work with me


In less than 4 weeks in total, Sarah got a sparkly new Brand Identity designed, reflecting the true essence of her brand, as well as a stunning, high-converting website that is now an invaluable tool for her to make the impact she is here to make through attracting and booking more of her dream clients!

Here’s what Sarah had to say about her experience of working together:

I chose Liis as my designer because I saw her beautiful websites and branding and just knew without hesitation that I wanted to work with her on my branding and website design. I trust her, her creativity and flair for perfection.

Throughout the entire process, I was blown away by the level of communication, attention to detail, expert advice, beauty, creativity and tech knowledge Liis brought to the project. The number one thing I loved about working with Liis was anticipating what I was thinking before I had articulated it. Liis understood the exact messaging I was looking to convey to my ideal audience and would come up with excellent ideas and suggestions.

My branding is so elegant, powerful and sophisticated and I really love that the font and colours accurately speak to my audience, and my new website looks professional, elegant and super detailed, every little detail is accounted for, it's an amazing informative and engaging work of art!

And this is how Sarah feels about her new branding and website:

“I am absolutely OBSESSED with my branding and website and cannot thank Liis enough for her dedication, ideas and pure brilliance. "

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