Elevated, dream client attracting online home for Triple Moon Coaching

PROJECT SCOPE: Branding + website

When Susan Young, the founder of Triple Moon Coaching, reached out to me, she was about to leave her corporate job and start her coaching business, committing to it full-time.

She had been looking for a soul-led designer who would align with the way  she wanted to do business, and found me. We quickly agreed  that we were a perfect match to work together!

This is how I helped Susan  with branding and website that  now support her in  achieving her soul's mission to help more women over 50 to reinvent themselves.

When Susan came to me, she had a generic Canva logo and a DIY sales page, but felt that neither were reflecting the true essence of her and her brand. Susan also wanted to have a brand and website that would do a lot of the heavily lifting for her in terms of attracting and converting her dream clients, thus setting her up for success from day one. 


We discussed Susan’s vision, mission, ambitions and target audience, which allowed me to gain a proper understanding of her wants and needs in terms of her business, her brand and her website, and start the creative ideation to bring everything to life.

Strategy Session

I started crafting a Brand Identity based on all the knowledge gained in our strategy session.

To achieve the desired sophisticated look, I picked  simple and clean typefaces for the logo. Triple Moon was intentionally written in lower case to signal approachability, and the overlapping ‘o’ letters as well as the three dots were added for additional  uniqueness and interest, and to make the logo more memorable. The three dots also symbolise ‘triple moon’ but in an understated way, to avoid the logo becoming too predictable and simplistic.

brand Identity design

For the colour palette, I used  a few colours that Susan was drawn to as a starting point (the goal, after all, for any solopreneur is  to incorporate their personality  and vibe in the branding!) and then added a few  additional ones to create a palette that would also resonate  with her ideal client. The aim was to communicate a sophisticated, feminine, slightly luxurious yet warm and friendly vibe. The warm, muted shades of the red and blue perfectly ticked all the boxes, and I added the lighter shades to complement the darker primary colours to ensure a well-balanced, versatile palette.

Since Susan is also an artist and her ideal client is a creative woman, I wanted to add design elements to Susan’s branding that would cover both of these aspects. I suggested incorporating   graphic elements like colourful brush strokes and water-coloured details  to complement her Brand Identity and really make it stand out, and Susan was instantly onboard.

Finally, I picked a selection of typefaces that would further emphasise the desired elegant feel of the brand, yet still keep it  fresh and modern, and added a hand-written script font for a bit of a personal touch


Step 1

Step 2

website design

Step 3

I designed Susan’s website with her number 1 goal in mind to have visitors book a consultation call with her. In addition, I used her newly designed Brand Identity to create her business an elevated online home that would build credibility, trust and attract high-value clients to her services.

Susan's primary strategic goal was achieved by thought-through user journeys, structuring the content in a manner that makes it easy for the visitor to understand why Triple Moon Coaching is the ultimate solution, what makes Susan and her approach unique, how she can help, and guiding the visitor to take the next step to achieve her desired outcome.

This was further supported by presenting Susan’s authentic story in a way that make it easy and interesting for the website visitors to digest, and therefore, make Susan more relatable to her ideal client (strengthening that ‘like and trust’ factor again).

The overall aim was that her Home, About and Work with Me pages would all  take the website visitor on a journey from A (identifying their ‘problem’) to B (where they could be with Susan’s help).

I also helped Susan to tweak the copy throughout her website to ensure that it was supporting the design and vice versa, so that both together would create an impactful website.


In less than 3 weeks, Susan had a sparkly new Brand Identity reflecting the true essence of her brand, as well as a stunning, high-converting website that is now an invaluable tool for her to make the impact she is here to make through attracting and booking more of her dream clients!

Here’s what Susan had to say about her experience of working together:

“My overall experience exceeded any expectations I had!! It was a pure joy to work on the site together! Liis is a brilliant designer and brand strategist! And copywriter! I'm still wowed!

Pre-project instructions were perfectly clear. I had a solid sense of how it would work and the timing. The overall process went smoothly despite ongoing edits on some of the copy. Without missing a beat, Liis added supplemental copy services to the engagement, and made incredibly valuable suggestions and edits to the copy. She did all of this and we still finished on time! Amazing!

Liis’ communications were excellent. It felt like we had an open flow of conversation over the two weeks we worked together! All of her instructions are extremely clear and easy to follow!”

And this is how Susan feels about her new website:

“LOVE, Love, LOVE!! I'm blown away and have been getting rave reviews from so many people!!”

Here are a few snapshots of the feedback Susan has received on her new website

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